Wood Drahtesel Puzzle


Drahtesel puzzle. Drahtesel, German for Roadster is an appropriate name for this disentanglement puzzle. It features labyrinth style solution in order to remove the ring from the bike. Perfect for desktop or coffee table display! Based in Munster, Germany, Siebenstein-Spiele was founded in 1992. Although the company is mainly known for board games, Siebenstein-Spiele also makes many wooden puzzles, several of which have been designed by company founder[…]

Drahtesel puzzle Toys Games
Drawers Chest puzzle Toys Games
Drawers Chest

Dreiecksbeziehungen 7 puzzle. Puzzle contains seven challenges. You are given nine identical equilateral triangles. The objective is to fit the required number of triangles into each of the boxes. Made in laser-cut wood by Jean-Claude Constantin. Jean-Claude Constantin lives in Germany, where he designs and manufactures many different laser-cut wood puzzles, as well as metal puzzles and magic tricks.

Dreiecksbeziehungen 7 puzzle Toys Games
Dreiecksbeziehungen 7
Drunter & Druber puzzle Toys Games
Drunter Druber

Dual Tetrahedron 28 puzzle. Dual Tetrahedron 28 is to take the four pieces of the puzzle apart and then put them back together again.Vinco has used contrasting coloured woods to form beautiful symmetrical shape with this puzzle. Your job is to find where the four pieces join so you can take it apart. Uses coordinated motion to solve. Quite challenge… Perhaps the biggest of all being able to put it back together! Every puzzle produced by Vinco is hand-made and cr[…]

Dual Tetrahedron 28 puzzle Toys Games
Dual Tetrahedron 28
Dual Tetrahedron 3 puzzle Toys Games
Dual Tetrahedron 3

Dubai puzzle. Travel Collection. The most fascinating images, quality printing, precise fitting, strong and rich materials; All these things define CLEMENTONI’S HIGH QUALITY COLLECTION. An elegant puzzle line designed for those who have passion for details. Clementoni uses recycled materials and avoids using polluting components because of their dedicated commitment to environment and pollution issues. 1000 pieces. Approx. 69 cm x 50 c[…]

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Dubrovnik puzzle Toys Games