Cube de Luxe

Cube de Luxe puzzle. An intriguing wooden disentanglement puzzle made by Jean Claude Constantin.

Cube de Luxe puzzle Toys Games
Cube de Luxe
Cube in Cube puzzle Toys Games
Cube in Cube

Dee Cube Wooden Brainteaser 120 puzzles. Includes 15 wooden pieces and 120 puzzles of graded difficulty. Make the popular 3x3x3 cube invented in the 1930’s, 4x4x4 cube, towers, walls, animals, letters, numbers and other figures. Create your own figures, upload them to the Dee Cube Community and challenge others to make them. This creative puzzle is made from white pine and/or birch grown in British Columbia, Canada.

Dee Cube Wooden Brainteaser 120 puzzleToys Games
Dee Cube Wooden
Brainteaser 120 Puzzles
Diabolito Cube puzzle Toys Games
Diabolito Cube

Dice Cube puzzle. This nine pieces puzzle can turn into three different puzzles variations, where there are 2 different colors. The three different tasks to perform with the nine pieces are to spread the pieces apart and then:1. Build perfect cube shape2. Build perfect dice where each side has different amount of dots starting with 1 till 6), all of the same color.3. Same task as item 2 above but this time with the other dots color.Comes in wooden box f[…]

Dice Cube puzzle Toys Games
Dice Cube
Escher Cubes puzzle Toys Games
Escher Cubes

Cubix Tube puzzle. Move the marble through the maze from top top bottom, it’s easy. Now mix up the puzzle cube and try again. Align the colors and the piping accurately to solve the moveable marble maze. Twice the challenge with maze inside puzzle cube. Contents: 1 Cubix Tube2 Marbles[…]

Cubix Tube puzzle Toys Games
Cubix Tube
3x3x4 Cuboid with Tony Fisher logo Black Body puzzle Toys Games
3x3x4 Cuboid Tony
Fisher logo Black

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