Around the Music Hall

Around the Music Hall puzzle. Place the 9 octagon shaped pieces in the frame such that all touching edges have matching symbol. unique design by Dave Janelle, copyright Creative Crafthouse. Symbols and instruments from around the music hall. Symbols are deeply precision cut into the wood. Wood is 1/4 thick alder, very strong and durable. Puzzle measures 6 square in the frame.Includes wooden cover. difficult puzzle as there are 8 symbols on each piece. Typical edge[…]

Around the Music Hall puzzle Toys Games
Around the Music
Arrival of the Magi puzzle Toys Games
Arrival of the

Arrow Dynamics puzzle. You don t need degree in aerodynamics to study the motions of this puzzle. Made from nickel plated wire, the Arrow Dynamics is one of our hardest wire puzzles. The goal is to remove the arrow from the wire frame, but with over two dozen sequential moves it won t be an easy task. Can you return the arrow to its original position afterwards? The Arrow Dynamics is from our brand of Wire Puzzles, PuzzleMaster.

Arrow Dynamics puzzle Toys Games
Arrow Dynamics
Arrow Tour puzzle Toys Games
Arrow Tour

Artist’s Studio puzzle. Well, look who s here! It s Steve Crisp himself pictured at work in England, with some familiar images he has produced for White Mountain Puzzles on display. Christmas House, Home Sweet Home, The Old Candy Store, Sunday Afternoon hellip; hellip;.and it looks like he s working on Lakeside Cottage! sneak peek of the artist in his studio surrounded by family, memorabilia, pets, props and paints. 1000 pieces. Approx. 24 in x […]

Artist's Studio puzzle Toys Games
Artist’s Studio
Arturo Zarraga Cabin By The Stream puzzle Toys Games
Arturo Zarraga Cabin
By The Stream

Asia Landmarks puzzle. EDUCA Quality is paramount with their products, most of which are manufactured in their facilities in Spain. They use strict quality controls and renewable and environmentally friendly materials. Educa brand features flawless fit between puzzle pieces and creates virtually no puzzle dust. They also include glue with every 500 to 2000 piece puzzle so that you can preserve and display your finished work. Educa als[…]

Asia Landmarks puzzle Toys Games
Asia Landmarks
Asian Lanterns puzzle Toys Games
Asian Lanterns

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