The Eagle Puzzle

The Eagle

The Eagle puzzle. Manufactured in 3mm nickel plated wire, this Eagle can be extremely difficult to tame. Can you succeed by removing the colored string from the eagle? Puzzle is among the hardest on our PuzzleMaster Wire puzzle collection, with difficulty level of 10/10. Solving it requires careful planning and good strategy, but above all, thinking outside the box. Packaged in clam shell, reusable and ideal for storage.

The Eagle puzzle Toys Games
The Eagle
Black Horse puzzle Toys Games
Black Horse

WeingARTen Edition Dolphin puzzle. Beautiful scenery from the Weingarten edition puzzle collection! Photo by Andy Rouse.

WeingARTen Edition Dolphin puzzle Toys Games
WeingARTen Edition Dolphin
Butterflies puzzle Toys Games

Wild Dog puzzle. three piece interlocking puzzle that is an entry level puzzle. For the serious puzzle collector it is easy but if you have never played with puzzles it can be very confusing.

Wild Dog puzzle Toys Games
Wild Dog
Beer Lock (Bierschloss) puzzle Toys Games
Beer Lock Bierschloss

Beer Barrel puzzle. Beer Barrel shape puzzle is beautiful assembly of interlocking wooden brain teaser puzzle. Assembled from 12 non identical pieces and we can definitely say it is NOT an easy puzzle to solve. In order to take it apart you need to find the key pieces that interlock the puzzle. Now put it back together to its barrel shape, Good Luck![…]

Beer Barrel puzzle Toys Games
Beer Barrel
Cat Lovers Puzzle puzzle Toys Games
Cat Lovers