Puzzle Pendant King Arthur’s Cross Puzzle

Puzzle Pendant King Arthur’s Cross

Puzzle Pendant King Arthur’s Cross puzzle. What is the secret of KING ARTHUR’S CROSS? Devised by Dr. Karl Scherer, each one of this series of beautifully handcrafted puzzle pendants can be worn around your neck or can be used as pastime.The pendants are professionally silverplated and come with description of the solution. The problem is to take the string totally off the puzzle without using any force. Each pendant poses different challenge and each one has different solution. […]

Puzzle Pendant King Arthur's Cross puzzle Toys Games
Puzzle Pendant King
Arthur’s Cross
Crown Caps puzzle Toys Games
Crown Caps

Sweta Cross Plate puzzle. By designer Wil Strijbos: company in Switzerland wanted to use my First Cross puzzle as very special present to some of their customers at the start of 2016. Instead of using my original design from 1979, they asked me to come up with an easier version because they wanted their customers to enjoy it, you understand. So with this challenge in my mind I went to Moscow where I found the inspiration for new Cross Puzzle. I spent week wit[…]

Sweta Cross + Plate puzzle Toys Games
Sweta Cross +
Cross Out puzzle Toys Games
Cross Out

Crossword Puzzle Clock. Telling time has never been more fun! Powder Coated Metal Dimensions: 11.5 x 11.5 […]

Crossword Puzzle Clock Toys Games
Crossword Puzzle Clock
Aluminum Cross puzzle Toys Games
Aluminum Cross

CoCo Cross puzzle. CoCoCross is rolling block brainteaser! Roll up your sleeves for this mind-bending rolling block puzzle. Choose level and then try to maneuver block from start to finish by rolling it across the grid. You’ll need your best spatial-thinking skills to block out the obstacles and roll up to the solutions! Comes with 48 challenges in compact travel-friendly case. Contents: 48 Challenge Cards, 2 Rolling Blocks and Compact Case.Ages: 8+Player[…]

CoCo Cross puzzle Toys Games
CoCo Cross
River Crossing puzzle Toys Games
River Crossing