Jigsaw Dogs on the Sofa Puzzle

Dogs on the Sofa

Dogs on the Sofa puzzle. Each jigsaw puzzle is produced on thick, quality board perfect for mounting and framing. 550 pieces. Approx. 18 in x 24 in, 46 cm x 61 cm Made in the USA by Vermont Christmas Company[…]

Dogs on the Sofa puzzle Toys Games
Dogs on the
Garden Cats puzzle Toys Games
Garden Cats

Eagle Dawn puzzle. SunsOut quality puzzles that are eco-friendly with soy-based inks on recycled board. 1000 Pieces. Approx. 19 in x 30 in, 49 cm x 76 cm Made in USA, SunsOut, Cynthie Fisher[…]

Eagle Dawn puzzle Toys Games
Eagle Dawn
Eagle Eye Shaped Puzzle puzzle Toys Games
Eagle Eye Shaped

Eagle Queen Cris Ortega puzzle. Forgotten Puzzle Collection by Cris Ortega. The young Spanish artist Cris Ortega is starting out on highly promising career. She began with comics and illustrations for diverse magazines, fanzines and books. Her first own publication Forgotten enchants with its profound beauty and atmospheric depth and is collection of her best works to date. 2000 Pieces. Approx. 97 cm x 69 cm, 38 in x 27.1 in, Cris Ortega Heye[…]

Eagle Queen Cris Ortega puzzle Toys Games
Eagle Queen Cris
Fisherman's Cove puzzle Toys Games
Fisherman’s Cove

Fisherman’s Dilemma puzzle. Can you fit the 20 fish back into the box? There are 9 different types of fish among the 20. We named them after the Nemo movie characters. Beautiful all wood puzzle based on 1960’s design that was originally plastic. Fish are precision laser cut in the Florida shop from 1/8 alder. The hardwood box with cover has solid base routed for the opening to fit the fish. The box when closed with the fish measures 5 x 3.75 x 7/8 Something un[…]

Fisherman's Dilemma puzzle Toys Games
Fisherman’s Dilemma
Fishing Cove puzzle Toys Games
Fishing Cove