Crazy Octahedron Plus Stickerless Mercury

Crazy Octahedron Plus Stickerless Mercury puzzle. The Crazy Octahedron Plus series consists of 6 different models; Standard, Venus, Jupiter, Mercury, Mars and Saturn. The circles found on 4 of the 8 sides of this Mercury … Read next “Crazy Octahedron Plus Stickerless Mercury Puzzle”

Cross Knot Pelikan

Cross Knot Pelikan puzzle. Puzzle consists of three pieces that appear as rectangular rings with cutouts. clever interlocking puzzle designed by Josef Pelikan. Made only with various fine fruit and deciduous trees, each game has different wood … Read next “Wood Cross Knot Pelikan Puzzle”

Puzzle Pendant King Arthur’s Cross

Puzzle Pendant King Arthur’s Cross puzzle. What is the secret of KING ARTHUR’S CROSS? Devised by Dr. Karl Scherer, each one of this series of beautifully handcrafted puzzle pendants can be worn around your neck … Read next “Puzzle Pendant King Arthur's Cross Puzzle”

Crown Iron Puzzle Lock

Crown Iron Puzzle Lock. This lock will need some force to slide some of the pieces of the puzzle as they are tight.We have tested all the locks and they are solvable. Made from solid metal, … Read next “Crown Iron Puzzle Lock”

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