Backyard Banquet

Backyard Banquet puzzle. Winter has not stopped these birds from enjoying Backyard Banquet of seeds and corn! Nor has the snow fall stopped the Johnson’s from taking their horse and sleigh out to bring home fresh cut Christmas … Read next “Backyard Banquet Puzzle”

Tony Mini 5x5x5 Ball Stickerless

Tony Mini 5x5x5 Ball Stickerless puzzle. The Tony Mini 5x5x5 Ball of the new Tony Overlapping Cube series.In 2012 Tony Fisher created hand-made puzzle samples for this series. With the help of Evgeniy, the puzzle … Read next “Tony Mini 5x5x5 Ball Stickerless Puzzle”

Champagne Ball

Champagne Ball puzzle. real nice version of this classic puzzle/game. You can swing the string and try to catch the ball in the cup. Tough enough; but if you are really good you can catch it on the … Read next “Champagne Ball Puzzle”


Wisdom Ball INSPIRATION puzzle. Mr. Yang invented the first version in 1992 and developed the latest two versions in 2015.These creative new puzzles/games are the best training that challenge the mind and stimulate eye/hand coordination. Each of … Read next “Wisdom Ball INSPIRATION Puzzle”

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