Flower Wood Puzzle

Flower Wood Puzzle

Flower Wood Puzzle. Put the beads back to their original place after mixing it up. very well made puzzle that will stump the puzzle enthusiast.

Flower Wood Puzzle puzzle Toys Games
Flower Wood
Flowerminx with Black Body Meffert's puzzle Toys Games
Flowerminx Black Body

Flower Copter Black Body puzzle. The LanLan Flower Copter is magnificent variation of the original Curvy Copter. It boasts an additional 8 cuts in the centers of the Curvy Copter that give the puzzle flower-like appearance along each center. The puzzle can be turned like Curvy Copter, but the additional cuts allow for more scrambling possibilities. Dimensions: 5.7 cm x 5.7 cm x 5.7 cm, 2.2 in x 2.2 x 2.2 in…

Flower Copter Black Body puzzle Toys Games
Flower Copter Black
Flower Palace puzzle Toys Games
Flower Palace

Flowerminx with White Body Meffert’s puzzle. This Flowerminx is manufactured with high quality white ABS plastic core, and the colors of the sides may not be exactly as shown. The purpose of Puzzle is to scramble up the sides and then return it so that each face only has one color on it. The Flowerminx is named after the flower pattern in the center of each face, and provides an extra challenge because it has 12 different colored faces that need organizing. Puzzle was designed and…

Flowerminx with White Body Meffert's puzzle Toys Games
Flowerminx White Body
Flowers 2 puzzle Toys Games
Flowers 2

Floral Pattern Puzzle Box. This trick box is decorated with floral motif accented with metal inlay. It is made of seasoned Linden wood, from the Tatra Mountain region of Poland. The skilled artisans of the region employ centuries old traditions and meticulous handcraftmanship to create finished product of uncompromising quality. The use of feathered corner joints and raised interior lining ensure its enduring value as lasting keepsake. These Polish boxes are enti…

Floral Pattern Puzzle Box Toys Games
Floral Pattern
Floral Reflections puzzle Toys Games
Floral Reflections