Crown Iron Puzzle Lock

Crown Iron Puzzle Lock. This lock will need some force to slide some of the pieces of the puzzle as they are tight.We have tested all the locks and they are solvable. Made from solid metal, this large and heavy trick lock is more complex than it appears, and unlike regular locks, key is not the only answer. It requires more careful inspection to discover the secret to unlocking it. Beautiful design reflects its namesake and is certainly treasure worth col[…]

Crown Iron Puzzle Lock puzzle Toys Games
Crown Iron
Crystal Mill puzzle Toys Games
Crystal Mill

Crystal Ring puzzle. three piece packing puzzle based on 3x3x2 box cavity with two different entry holes. The objective is to fit the pieces in so that nothing sticks out of the box. seemingly simple task, but the pieces have to do lovely little dance in order to solve. The assembly is made tougher by the shape of the pentomino piece that restricts the placement of the other two pieces and is not helped by the fact that the other two are identical. Anothe[…]

Crystal Ring puzzle Toys Games
Crystal Ring
Crystal River, Colorado puzzle Toys Games
Crystal River Colorado

Dino Skewb Cube Black Body puzzle. new Dayan 4-axis cube with Dayan Gem 5 mechanism and 4 arm core.Like the Master Skewb, it has 2 cuts on 4 axis, but the cuts are not placed equidistantly with respect to the core. One cut of each pair cuts vertices, thus resembling Dino cuts and reducing the number of elements and making the puzzle much easier to solve. Invented by: Timur Evbatyrov[…]

Dino Skewb Cube Black Body puzzle Toys Games
Dino Skewb Cube
Black Body
Double 2x2 Cube puzzle Toys Games
Double 2×2 Cube

Double 3×3 Cube puzzle. The Double 3×3 Cube is made with black plastic core. The object of Puzzle is to scramble all of the colors and then organize them back to the starting position. Puzzle is extra tricky because it consists of two 3×3 cubes joined together in row connected along an edge. one of many great puzzles crated by Cube Twist.

Double 3x3 Cube puzzle Toys Games
Double 3×3 Cube
Dynacube 1 puzzle Toys Games
Dynacube 1

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