Champagne Ball Puzzle

Champagne Ball

Champagne Ball puzzle. real nice version of this classic puzzle/game. You can swing the string and try to catch the ball in the cup. Tough enough; but if you are really good you can catch it on the pointed end! high quality version of this puzzle. Over 7 in length.

Champagne Ball puzzle Toys Games
Champagne Ball
Fur Ball puzzle Toys Games
Fur Ball

Lion King Puzzle Ball 3. The Lion King Puzzle Ball lets you play with your favourite characters from Disney s The Lion King . Beautifully hand painted on relief puzzle gives picture of Simba and Nala the lion cubs and on the other side is the hyenas. Mechanism The 3-D Puzzle Ball moves group of three squares and four triangles through 120 deg; by rotating around the triangle at the center of the group. It has precision injection moulded parts with spring-[…]

Lion King Puzzle Ball 3 puzzle Toys Games
Lion King
Ball 3
Lion King Puzzle Ball 1 puzzle Toys Games
Lion King
Ball 1

Magnetic Football Puzzle Gold. Paperweight Puzzles are magnetically assembled 3D puzzles made of plated and/or painted steel. unique and delightful blend of brainteaser and decoration, Puzzle is the perfect desktop accessory for home, school or office. This appealing novelty puzzle is also an ideal gift, perfect for Game Day! Paperweight PuzzlesWeight: 335 gramsSize: Base is approx. 3.8 cm, 1.5 in and height is approx. 7 cm, 2.7 in[…]

Magnetic Football Puzzle Gold puzzle Toys Games
Magnetic Football
Magnetic Football Puzzle Silver puzzle Toys Games
Magnetic Football

Sputnik Ball Sputnik Kugel puzzle. You must separate all pieces and then put them back together. Named after the first satellite put in orbit, this laser-cut wood and metal puzzle was originally designed by Leonard M. Lyon in 1891 and later adapted by Jean-Claude Constantin. The outer ring appears to block any attemptsto remove the inner ring, no matter which way you turn it. It seems impossible, but it can be done! Jean-Claude Constantin lives in Germany, where he desig[…]

Sputnik Ball (Sputnik Kugel) puzzle Toys Games
Sputnik Ball Sputnik
Ultimate Sports Baseball puzzle Toys Games
Ultimate Sports Baseball