Berliner Schnauzen Puzzle

Berliner Schnauzen

Berliner Schnauzen puzzle. Berliner Schnauzen means snouts from Berlin but Berliner Schnauze also means the dialect spoken in Berlin in relationship with the typical humor of the inhabitants of the area Berlin-Kiez. The objective of the puzzle is to assemble the 5 funny faces in order to discover famous person from Berlin! Puzzle was Edward Hordern Puzzle Exchange that was held at IPP31 hosted in Berlin in August of 2011. […]

Berliner Schnauzen puzzle Toys Games
Berliner Schnauzen
Bernoulli puzzle Toys Games

Best Ever The Tavern Puzzle Collection. The last of the interactive designs, and the cream of the crop. Tucker-Jones House[…]

Best Ever The Tavern Puzzle Collection Toys Games
Best Ever The
Tavern Puzzle Collection
Best of Canada puzzle Toys Games
Best of Canada

Best Places in Canada puzzle. Canada is displayed in all its glory on this collage by Lewis T. Johnson. Ontario, Newfoundland, Vancouver, Niagara Falls, Montreal, Quebec, the Laurentian Mountains and the Yukon are included along with an array of native species, historic sites, and scenic views. 1000 pieces. Approx. 24 in x 30 in, 61 cm x 76 cm White Mountain Puzzles. Artist: Lewis T. Johnson[…]

Best Places in Canada puzzle Toys Games
Best Places in
Beta Capsule puzzle Toys Games
Beta Capsule

Betty Crocker puzzle. Even though some of us thought she was real, the fictional character Betty Crocker was developed as an advertising idea in 1921, with her first portrait commissioned in 1936. In 1945 Fortune magazine named Betty the second most popular woman in America, after FLOTUS Eleanor Roosevelt! Charlie Girard has assembled some of Betty Crocker’s most popular convenience and baking products along with vintage publications to take us down memory l[…]

Betty Crocker puzzle Toys Games
Betty Crocker
Between 3 puzzle Toys Games
Between 3