Backyard Banquet

Backyard Banquet puzzle. Winter has not stopped these birds from enjoying Backyard Banquet of seeds and corn! Nor has the snow fall stopped the Johnson’s from taking their horse and sleigh out to bring home fresh cut Christmas tree. Winter joy! Each and Every puzzle from Cobble Hill is crafted to museum-quality standards, using the finest inks and varnishes. Each puzzle features linen textured paper and premium grade blue board, and uses 100% recycled chipboard[…]

Backyard Banquet puzzle Toys Games
Backyard Banquet
Backyard Fun puzzle Toys Games
Backyard Fun

Bahuts Malins puzzle. the all FRENCH version of Trucky 3. Truckloads of puzzle fun! Three happy trucks are on the way to their next destination. They need to pick up load of packages, but will the haul fit? Can you help them stack everything properly? Toddlers initially play with the trucks, loading them up and driving them round like toy car. Kids who are bit older can play the game, working through the challenges that gradually get more and more difficult.

Bahuts Malins puzzle Toys Games
Bahuts Malins
Baking Cookies puzzle Toys Games
Baking Cookies

Gear Ball puzzle. Puzzle is very similar to the Gear Cube puzzle by Oskar van Deventer. There is ball on the inside that all the pieces slide on top of. very smooth moving puzzle. The gears are in much the same fashion as the Gear Cube. well made puzzle to solve and fun puzzle to watch your friends try to solve. Designed by Oskar van Deventer and Uwe Meffert[…]

Gear Ball puzzle Toys Games
Gear Ball
Masterball puzzle Toys Games

Heavy Hitter Brass Baseball Bat Puzzle Sculpture. Six 6-inch brass bats interlock perfectly to form an intriguing and imposing brass sculpture puzzle. The sculpture weighs around 1.25 kilograms or almost three pounds! It comes disassembled in six brass bat shapes. The solid bat contains sprung steel ball to help the model stay together. The notches in this item are the same as for the Brass Monkey One puzzle. Assembly is little trickier as it requires some dexterity to put the pieces t[…]

Heavy Hitter Brass Baseball Bat Puzzle Sculpture puzzle Toys Games
Heavy Hitter Brass
Baseball Bat
Slida Classic Multi Colored Ball puzzle Toys Games
Slida Classic Multi
Colored Ball

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