African Jungle Puzzle, EDUCA

African Jungle

African Jungle puzzle. EDUCA Quality is paramount with their products, most of which are manufactured in their facilities in Spain. They use strict quality controls and renewable and environmentally friendly materials. Educa brand features flawless fit between puzzle pieces and creates virtually no puzzle dust. They also include glue with every 500 to 2000 piece puzzle so that you can preserve and display your finished work. Educa als[…]

African Jungle puzzle Toys Games
African Jungle
After School Fun Patricia Bourque puzzle Toys Games
After School Fun
Patricia Bourque

Air Force Challenge Puzzle. Become puzzle Ace if you can fit all 19 USAF items into the frame! Very Challenging to solve.The finely detailed pieces are precision cut and laser etched from 1/4 thick hardwoods that may include maple, cherry, mahogany and others. An original Creative Crafthouse design with artwork by Alexandra Plummer and items in the puzzle suggested by Sergeant Dan Janelle, USAF, Tulsa, OKItems include; B17 Flying Fortress, C17 Globemaster Transpor[…]

Air Force Challenge Puzzle puzzle Toys Games
Air Force Challenge

Air puzzle Toys Games

Airplane Kumiki puzzle. The Kumiki Airplane shape brain teaser wooden puzzle contains 11 non identical pieces that designed to resemble airplane. In Japanese the word kumiki means joining wood together and refers to varieties of wood craft. In the puzzling world it refers to 3D interlocking wood puzzle that resembled familiar shape like buildings, vehicles and animals, not just abstract shapes like spheres and cubes. Tsunetaro Yamanaka from Japan was the fir[…]

Airplane Kumiki puzzle Toys Games
Airplane Kumiki
Akiyama Packing Box puzzle Toys Games
Akiyama Packing Box

Aladin puzzle. This unusual packing puzzle is restricted by clear acrylic cover that only has small hole in it. The pieces must therefore not only fit into the frame, but they must also be inserted in the correct order in order to solve the puzzle. Made in laser-cut wood, acrylic, and stainless steel by Jean-Claude Constantin. Jean-Claude Constantin lives in Germany, where he designs and manufactures many different wood and metal puzzle, as well as ma[…]

Aladin puzzle Toys Games
Albert Einstein Tongue puzzle Toys Games
Albert Einstein Tongue