A Pile of Kittens Puzzle, SunsOut

A Pile of Kittens

A Pile of Kittens puzzle. SunsOut quality puzzles that are eco-friendly with soy-based inks on recycled board. 1000 Pieces. Approx. 26 in x 26 in, 66.04 cm x 66.04 cm Made in USA, SunsOut, Giordano Studios[…]

A Pile of Kittens puzzle Toys Games
A Pile of
A Tight Fit puzzle Toys Games
A Tight Fit

Additon puzzle. The objective of Puzzle is to take apart and reassemble the wooden pieces. It consists of 3 pieces and frame. Designer Klaas Jan Damstra writes about his Addition puzzle: Addition is one of series of designs with mathematical theme. With three nearly identical pieces in frame, 13 moves are needed to get the first piece out. As the solution level is 13.2.1 both disassembly and assembly should not be too difficult. Pelikan did fantastic[…]

Additon puzzle Toys Games
Adorable Cinderella puzzle Toys Games
Adorable Cinderella

Advanced Set puzzle. This set includes: 1, Cowboy’s Hobble1, Blue Knight1, Arrow Dynamics Click on the links to see full description of the puzzle.

Advanced Set puzzle Toys Games
Advanced Set
Adventures in the Jungle puzzle Toys Games
Adventures in the

Adventures of Tom Tinker The Puzzle Kid. Enjoy collection of comic strip puzzles featuring Tom Tinker. Sam Loyd Jr produced the Adventures of Tom Tinker, The Puzzle Kid from November 1910 until May 1911. What made these unique was the concept of putting puzzle into comic strip format instead of the traditional single question Format Tom Tinker proved so successful that he was spun off into daily puzzle that ran from March 1911 until October 1911. Althouth they are over 100 y[…]

Adventures of Tom Tinker The Puzzle Kid puzzle Toys Games
Adventures of Tom
Tinker The
Aerobatic puzzle Toys Games