4 Key Puzzle Lock

4 Key Puzzle Lock. Made from solid metal, this Trick Lock is more complex than it appears, and unlike regular locks, key is not the only answer. The hidden mechanism is deceiving and requires more careful inspection to unlock it. These locks are hand made, there are slight variations in each lock. These are replicas of ancient Indian locks. They are made to look old but are brand new.

4 Key Puzzle Lock Toys Games
4 Key
4 Key Puzzle Lock With Silver Design Toys Games
4 Key
Lock Silver Design

4 L Puzzle. Puzzle consists of 4 parts and square frame. The goal is to free the 4 pieces from the square frame and then reassemble.Made of beech and locust wood. Dimensions 72 x 72 x 36 mm. 4 puzzle pieces. Philos Number of Players : 1 Recommended age: 6 years + Playing time: about 10 minutes[…]

4 L Puzzle puzzle Toys Games
4 L
4 Pfeile puzzle Toys Games
4 Pfeile

4 Piece Metal Puzzle. high quality metal puzzle. Take apart the four jigsaw pieces and put them back together again. Will need some dexterity to get these back together. Designed by Wil Strijbos[…]

4 Piece Metal Puzzle puzzle Toys Games
4 Piece Metal

4 Steine Mini puzzle Toys Games
4 Steine Mini

4 Sun 7 Step Double Compartment Box puzzle. Beautiful Japaneses puzzle box requires 7 steps in order to open each of its two compartments . Made in combination of yosegi and kuzushi patterns. Japanese Wood Mosaic works are manufactured in Odawara,Hakone JAPAN. Natural colored wood materials are assembled together into board with beautiful mosaic pattern, and sheets of this board are pasted onto boxes for decoration. There are approximately 60 different mosaic patterns. Japan[…]

4 Sun 7 Step Double Compartment Box puzzle Toys Games
4 Sun 7
Step Double Compartment
4D Wooden Puzzle puzzle Toys Games
4D Wooden

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